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About Us

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Hi, it’s Peter and Istvan here, hoping to help you on your journey to becoming a successful property investor without spending thousands of pounds on property education! We offer online property investment courses that are easy to access and will give you a detailed insight about the industry!  

It is our vision to change the property industry by offering everyone an equal chance to become a successful property investor even with no money and no previous experience. 

We’re offering you the chance to further your property education by joining our free online property investment courses or our private Facebook group where you’ll learn as much as you like and have your questions answered along the way. 

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Who we are & Why we are doing this

Between us we’ve built up a portfolio of over 50 properties within a very short time, using lucrative and high cash flow property strategies such as Rent to Rent, HMO Properties and Deal Packaging.

You too can use these property investment strategies once you understand them and while only investing very low amounts of money - we'll even show you how you can do it with no money at all! 

Does this sound good to you? 

Are you ready to change your life and do so without paying anything upfront? 

Then start by joining our free property investment courses

and also our Exclusive Private Facebook Group.

Good luck!

I've got to know Istvan over the past couple of years through our journeys into the UK Property Investment Market. He is a very well respected Mentor and Investor within the property community. Utilising his professional accountancy background, he uses those skills and organisation to the table with his investments and property business. I've found him to be extremely knowledgeable.

Kat Hipsey

"Fantastic for ANYONE wanting to use the R2R strategy in their property investment plans in UK ..."


by 142+ Students

Istvan and Peter are expert property investment strategists and cheerful and helpful guys with a plethora of experience and success in the UK property market..

Claire Moore

Together expand and grow

Why should You Choose our online property investment courses for your Property Education?

The Cash Flow With Property academy is unlike others on the market.

Our students enjoy our online Property investment courses, masterminds & mentorship programs which provide them with vast amounts of materials along with ongoing support to ensure their success in property investment in UK.

One of the distinct features about our courses are that they have been classified as per the proficiency of the users. Which means that as you succeed from beginner's courses to advanced one, you keep learning about the property market meticulously!

Get in touch to find out about our mastermind & mentorship programs.


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