Top Benefits of Learning HMO Training Course

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Top Benefits of Learning HMO Training Course

HMO (House in Multiple Occupation) continues to be a major component of the portfolios of many real estate investors, and for all the right reasons.

Investing in an HMO offers many advantages, including greater potential yields, lesser void periods, unlikely arrears, tax benefits, and high demand.    

However, compared to a buy-to-let property, HMOs entail more regulations and planning requirements. They also require a licence and not every property can be converted into an HMO. 

HMO training courses can help you clear these hurdles easily. They can help you understand all the rules and regulations involved, figure out which property is suitable for converting into an HMO, and more. 

Continue reading to learn more about online HMO UK courses, their benefits, their influence on property sourcing, etc.

Key takeaways:

  • There are many benefits of pursuing HMO training courses, including avoiding penalties, access to comprehensive HMO-related knowledge, acquaintance with rules and regulations, etc. 
  • An HMO training course can greatly assist property sourcing agents in boosting their careers by helping them understand how to locate the right HMO property, convert a regular property into an HMO, and more.     

Benefits of Learning HMO Course

The returns on investment for HMOs are very high, but the laws of the state can cause difficulty for the owner and anyone else overseeing the property. 

The amount of monetary charges that local authorities can impose on landlords and managers who breach their commitments has dramatically grown with the establishment of Rent Repayment Orders and civil penalties. 

The legal obligations that landlords and managers have to fulfil are quite significant. If not fulfilled correctly, the landlord might have to pay heavy fines. By opting to learn an HMO course in the UK, you can avoid these penalties easily. 

Therefore, pursuing an HMO course is the need of the hour for managers, landlords, agents, property investors, etc. Here are some more benefits of learning an HMO course: 


1. Get access to in-depth information 

Often, the HMO courses are a comprehensive learning package. You should be ready to buckle in and prepare your mind for abundant material. You will gain the knowledge needed to purchase, refurbish, and rent out an HMO property. 

From answering questions like how does an HMO work to why do you need an HMO licence, HMO training courses take you through the ins and outs of investing in an HMO property. 

2. Receive knowledge about rules and regulations 

You will receive expert guidance from industry professionals while you navigate the most recent health, safety, legal, and licencing requirements. 

To run an HMO, you must have a mandatory licence in many places. Through the HMO course, you will acquire all the information required about licencing applications, council planning requests, and Article 4 regions. 

3. Gain expert knowledge about design and structure 

From requiring a trustworthy supervisor with no prior criminal history to providing necessary facilities like smoke alarms, proper electrical connections, and safety gear, an HMO property needs to fulfil quite a few criteria. 

You will be guided step-by-step through every aspect of design, layout, and regulatory requirements because the HMO property must meet building control criteria.

4. Save Money

HMO training courses will help you discover where to look for suitable HMO properties, how to find them, and how to save money on renovations. 

How to fund your HMO transactions will also be woven into this. Therefore, an HMO course can help you save money in the long run. 

Why Is the HMO Course Important in Property Sourcing?

As a skilled property sourcing agent, your job is to save your client’s time and offer insight into which homes and locations are better HMO investments than others.

It is vital to remember that converting properties into HMOs is prohibited in some locations. These are referred to as Article 4 zones.

A specialised HMO sourcing agent knows about such areas and avoids recommending these areas to the clients. Agents can help their clients eliminate costly errors. 

HMO sourcing agents also help understand the procedure of converting a regular property into a lawfully compliant HMO.


Therefore, the job of a property sourcing agent is extensive. An HMO training course can help property sourcing agents perform their job perfectly. Here is why an HMO course is important in property sourcing: 

  1. Helps strike the best deals 

A comprehensive HMO training course will help you learn the art of negotiation. Since industry experts and trainers impart knowledge in these courses, you learn various practical skills that help you strike the best deals and maximise your profit margins.  

  1. Easy accessibility

As a full-time property sourcing agent, it might be difficult to take time out of your busy schedule to brush your skills. However, taking online HMO UK courses can help you add another skill to your portfolio without exhausting your resources.

These courses strive to make learning as easy as possible. You can use a mobile device to access and fulfil these courses on real estate investing.

  1. Certification 

Clients would rather opt for property sourcing agents with proper certification than those who do not have proof of their knowledge. After completing their accredited HMO property course, you will receive a certificate from the institution.

You can switch up your CV using this certification and add it to your socials to increase your clientele. 

  1. Diversification of work profile 

With more and more property investors seeking to diversify their portfolios, property-sourcing agents should upgrade their skills. You can help your clients make HMO investments by learning about HMOs, resulting in added income.

You can also attract newer clients by offering these added services. Therefore, pursuing HMO training course can greatly assist property-sourcing agents.   

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How much does an HMO licence cost?

The typical cost of an HMO licence is £140 per year.

Is HMO commercial or residential?

An HMO can be commercial or residential.


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