4 things to avoid when talking to agents and landlords!

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4 things to avoid when talking to agents and landlords!

In property – like in any other business – one has to conduct him or herself in a proper manner, especially when you are dealing with a landlord or an agent.

Starting a new business or a new venture is never easy. There are numerous challenges right from the ideation of a business model to executing them and getting favourable returns from the investment. The scenario is no different when starting a property business in the UK.

However, this does not mean that if you have a huge capital to invest you are guaranteed to attain success in the property business. No matter your capacity of investment, the factor that comes to play in succeeding in this business model is the knowledge and experience one gains after hours of indulgence.

For example, you will need to be able to talk and negotiate with agents and landlords

How will you do this and what will you tell them?  This is something that could make or break your property business right from the start.

You may give up even before you’ve had a chance to get your first deal simply because you didn’t know how to deal with either landlords or agents.

Don’t worry, CFWP team is here to help you out of this.

Here are 4 things you must never do when talking to agents and landlords:

  1. If you have a meeting or viewing arranged with either agent or landlord, don’t be late – preferably be there a couple of minutes early. Being late creates a bad first impression and you only get one chance at this.
  2. Don’t talk about you or your business unless you are being asked. People tend to talk too much about themselves and end up ignoring the other person. You should be listening to them and trying to find out their problems by asking the right questions.
  3. Don’t forget to be prepared to tell them about all the services you can offer. Failing to prepare for this will lose you the deal/agent/landlord right at the start.
  4. Don’t try to offer on the property during the viewing. Take your time after the viewing and thoroughly check all pictures and videos you took of the property to help you make an accurate assessment of what the deal is worth.

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