4 successful marketing tips for your serviced apartment

4 successful property marketing tips

4 successful marketing tips for your serviced apartment

Give your service apartment the wings it needs to fly! 

Serviced apartments have been riding the covid tide better than hotels and are modifying themselves according to the needs of the guests. This has greatly evolved a new set of marketing dynamics around it. Unsurprisingly, there is a slight uptick in investors wanting to invest in something solid like this and get a piece of that pie as the service accommodation industry gets bigger from here. And, with the help of our experience and guidance, you can get the word out about your service apartment and broaden your reach.  

Find your brand 

While developing your service apartment you should think about your brand and your brand message. Keeping up to date with demands from guests is important but it is also important to show your key target the quality of service you are promising them.

Do you guarantee luxury living? Is your SA pet-friendly? What amenities are you providing to your customers? Based on the answers to such questions, you can build your brand and find a good brand message that encompasses all your core values. 

Find your target occupant 

You need to find the perfect occupant depending on the kind of services and luxury you provide. This could be a person of a particular profession, age, gender, or perhaps a specific type of traveller like a businessperson, value-seeker, social traveller, researcher, etc. Narrowing down your target demographic can help you market your SA to those who will find it appealing.  

Internet Marketing 

With technology taking major leaps, the whole word-of-mouth marketing strategy is slowly declining. So, it is crucial to establish your presence on the internet to gain some traction. There are many ways you can achieve this: 

             WebsiteMany people feel the validity of any SA or hotel by visiting their website. You could have great word-of-mouth reviews but people will have confidence in your service only if you have a vibrant and user-friendly website. Your website can have details regarding your services, links to bookings, regular alerts regarding offers and discounts.

We have moved on from the days where we would get information about the city’s major stay options through billboards or newspaper ads.  

             Digital MarketingWhile websites establish your validity, social media helps you bring customers who might be perusing some posts about the city they want to visit next.

You could get some traction if you have a regular social media interaction on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc.

Posting various fun, informative and interactive posts and stories about your services, customer testimonials can get more attention to your business.

If you can master social media, you can slowly move towards ads on these social media platforms. We would suggest you start small, test the waters, see the response and then ramp it up slowly.   

               SEO:    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an incomprehensible and ever-changing algorithm that search engines like Google use. The websites that have the commonly used keywords in their website and get the most clicks and also show up on the first page.

Those businesses have reverse engineered the search engine and found commonly used keywords concerning their businesses and have scattered them across their websites and their blogs.

You can do the same thing and find out the common keywords and use them on your website to get some clicks. Blogs usually bring the most traffic to a website, so using these keywords effectively in them can help bring your business to notice.  

Maintaining friendly relationships with local businesses

Getting to know local businesses can help put the word out to some potential customers. For one, you might be able to get new occupants but you will also seem community-friendly, well known, and could be reliable in their eyes in terms of customer reviews and referrals.  

We at Cash Flow With Property understand that it takes time, labour, and money to build your property business, which is why we are offering a variety of courses on property ranging from marketing to the Buy-To-Let business model.

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