6 Tips to increase the value in your Rent-To-SA

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6 Tips to increase the value in your Rent-To-SA

Service accommodations in the UK are no longer the counterculture alternative to hotels anymore. They are becoming increasingly popular by the day, thanks to the industry’s quick adjustment to the latest trends. And because of their growing popularity, a lot of serviced accommodations are lagging in management to boost their turnovers.  

Things could be especially hard in cases of Rent-To-Service apartments as they should have enough income to pay for the rent and the services they are providing as well as themselves.  

But we, as experts in the area, have some tricks up our sleeves in encouraging the efforts to find more tenants for our apartments, thereby making more income.  

Get down to the basics of Rent-to-SA 

The first rule of increasing the value of your Service apartment is to calculate the value of your property. This figure will determine how much you should be charging for the services you are providing.  


Once you have that figure, you can start with revamping your space. Regular maintenance checks, deep cleaning all the surfaces, and giving it an overall facelift with some elegant furnishing can increase its allure.

The two main important areas in every apartment are the kitchen and the bathroom. Make sure they are spick and span, spend extra money if you have to.   

Maximise the appeal 

You will be able to foresee the type of guests that will be staying at your apartment based on the location of your property. Those types of guests are your strength and you need to devote a portion of your marketing towards that demographic.  

But do not spend all your marketing resources on only that target. Install some furniture or services that have broader appeal and can bring in most, if not all types of guests.  

Add valuable services 

Serviced accommodations that have provided their guests with a variety of services like Wi-Fi, Netflix, Laundry, guest care-package, top-notch kitchen appliances, gym, parking spaces, etc., outperform those with just the basic services.

These kinds of luxury are attractive to a customer and they consider any service that eases their stay, as valuable and would be willing to pay extra for them.  


Now that more and more serviced accommodations are being built, people are looking for more legitimacy in them, choosing only those that conform to the service accommodation regulations.

Since people rely on those services that comply with the association of serviced accommodation providers (ASAP), it would be better for you and your business to fulfill all the legalities and seem legitimate.  

Monitor trends 

It is always sensible to keep a track of latest trends in the industry and see what people want from their temporary accommodation services. Incorporating those trends into your services could prove to be valuable for your business in the long-run.  

One way to do that is to monitor what people are saying online about your business. Take those criticisms constructively and see what you can do to make the stay of your guest more of an experience.  

You can also add services you think could become a need in the future and start a trend among similar businesses. 

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