Use social media to empower your UK Property Business!

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Use social media to empower your UK Property Business!

“My focus is to reach out to as many people as possible via social media and in return, a lot of people reach out to me.” 

This is our takeaway from our recent weekly Facebook Live session. It was great to have Lenka on the show for a discussion. We really loved chatting with her about various social media tools to help with your property marketing! Here is an excerpt from our conversation!

Peter: What were you doing before getting into properties?

Lenka: I was into hospitality in a managerial position and I was mostly traveling! I traveled to Asia, Europe, and Africa as well!

Istvan: Why did you choose to get into property investment?

Lenka: First things first, It all started with me getting into an entrepreneurial mindset. My father is a builder and I helped him through his business which gave me a lot of knowledge about buildings. Next thing you know I wanted to own properties and I started reading books on property investment!

The more I read the more I got interested in it and that’s how I started in properties.

Istvan: What role did social media have in getting you started?

Lenka: Social media is an important tool for any beginner! What I focus on when you talk about social media is to make myself available to your audience online. You need to share the story of your life on social media even if you want to share details of your business.

It is my personal experience that sharing almost everything that resonates with you as a person even when most of it does not relate to your business will help you build up the brand you want to associate yourself with.

Istvan: Give us an insight into how you use social media for your business?

Lenka: Social media gives you the tools for property marketing or your brand for free, globally. This is the biggest advantage of social media for me! I spend most of the time creating the right content for social media.

Not all the posts that I share are about my business rather they are about my day or activity that I’m indulging in. I usually do not share long posts but rather something easy to read for everyone.

My focus is to reach out to as many people as possible and in return, a lot of people reach out to me.

Peter: What social media channels do you think are best for the UK property business?

Lenka: So all the social media platforms work very differently

For eg- Linkedin is more inclined towards creating professional connections

Instagram is more of a visual platform and Facebook is where you can share almost everything

I do not have any favorite one, to be honest, but I focus on one platform at a time before I move on to the next one. Also, all of the platforms have their own importance so it’s always good to have reach and growth on all of them.

Peter: Do you mind sharing some pro tips related to social media for our viewers?


1- Try different things on social media and experiment with your posts.

2- Keep learning and testing various features of social media and your content!

To listen to the full conversation, visit our Youtube channel or tune in to our weekly Facebook live streams every Tuesday at 7:30 pm for similar discussions about the UK Property Market!  

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