What Is the Best Time to Sell a House for Better Profits?

What Is the Best Time to Sell a House for Better Profits
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What Is the Best Time to Sell a House for Better Profits?

Key takeaways:

  • Find the best time to sell a house and book your desired profits.
  • Dive deep into learning the nitty-gritty aspects of real estate investing for making informed decisions.

In June 2023, the average house price in the UK was £288,000, which is £5,000 higher than the previous year. 

It highlights that the demand for purchasing a property in the UK is higher than the supply.

Is it the ideal time to sell off your property and book more profits?

Surging house prices mean you will likely get a great deal when you decide to sell, but real estate market sentiments won’t remain the same throughout the year. 

Let’s find the best time to sell a house to ensure you book your profits.

When to Sell a House for Better Profits?

You might have heard rumours that spring is the best time to sell a house in the UK.

But what’s the truth percentage in this?

In the UK, many buyers and sellers hope to buy a new home before the summer begins. Many studies have shown that March is the best month to put your property on the market. 

Compared to other months throughout the year, March sees more buyer inquiries per property for sale. It can initiate high buyer competition, so you must be cautious and not shrink your profits.

There is also the highest number of new listings in March. With the rise in demand from buyers, March remains the best month to sell your property in the UK.

If you find it challenging to get your property ready for sale in March, don’t worry.

April is the next strongest month to sell, and May is the third best month, so you have ample time to prepare your property for sale at the best price possible.

But before listing your property, you must consider different factors that can affect when a buyer decides to take the plunge:

  • Currency inflations
  • Political factors (Brexit, elections)
  • Construction in the area
  • Changes to stamp duties
  • Changes to interest rates
  • Tourism in areas of London

Now that you have a clear answer to your question, let’s dive further and find out how to sell your property quickly.

How Do You Find an Ideal Buyer and Sell Quickly?

Following a few major steps before listing your property can increase your odds of finding an ideal buyer.

1. Declutter your space

You must keep your rooms decluttered, which can increase the appeal of your property and ensure that potential buyers are excited to purchase it.

If you live in a house, you must eliminate extra items like wall hangings, personal pictures, and bulky furniture, which can distract the buyers. 

Also, focus on improving the visual appeal of your property and adding features that can entice potential buyers.  

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2. Do all the repairs

One of the benefits of a modern seller’s market is that you don’t want to keep your property in a pitch-perfect shape to attract potential buyers. 

However, you shouldn’t avoid the repair process.


It can help you land the right price for the house and avoid turning off some potential buyers when they visit your property for an inspection.

You must check leaky taps, damaged paintwork, doors that won’t close properly, and fix any squeaky drawers, among other aspects of your property.

3. Keep your property clean

Before inviting potential buyers for a first-time viewing, ensure that your property is clean. Hire professional cleaning service providers or put in the sweat yourself to ensure that your property looks visually amazing.

Your bathroom and kitchen should be spotless; you must focus on these two areas as they can make or break a sale. Also, address common buyer turn-offs such as dampness, mould, and bad smell.

4. Improve kerb appeal

Most buyers have opinions about a property before they step inside, so your potential buyers will likely have the same opinions. 

That’s why you have to work on the kerb appeal.

But what’s that?

It is how attractive your property is when viewed from the street. Focus on exterior fixings, such as cleaning the windows, weeding the flowerbeds, trimming the lawn, and repairing broken steps. 

Also, do whatever you can to give the buyers the best possible impression. 

Now that you know the tips to increase the chances of selling your property, you must know one important thing before starting your listing.

What’s the Worst Time to Sell a House?

Mid-November is the worst time to sell a house in the UK, with homes taking an average of 79 days to sell. 

The main problem with selling late in the fall is that buyers want to move into their new home before Christmas.  However, with the process of transferring property ownership taking 8 to 12 weeks, it’s unlikely to complete a sale if an offer is made late in the year.

But with proper knowledge, you can avoid complications and achieve results with finesse.

So, how do you learn about different aspects of the real estate industry?

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Is Spring season the right time to sell a house?

Spring is the best time to sell a house in the UK. Many buyers are looking to purchase a new home before the summer, leading to higher demand and potentially better offers for sellers.


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